A Place of Encounter

Experience Magdala. A unique place of pilgrimage in the Holy Land, located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Known for being the crossroads of Jewish and Christian history and the hometown of Mary Magdalene.

Discover our first-century archaeology, worship center Duc In Altum, guesthouse, volunteer program, events and Media Center; and join the Magdala Family.

Encounter Magdala

Join us in Puebla, Mexico, and experience a pilgrimage with moments of prayer, worship, and praise, as well as guided tours. Walk, sing, share and celebrate with Magdala.
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Encounter Magdala 2024


The Magdala Guest House, provides guests with a serene and immersive experience, blending natural beauty with rich historical heritage and spirituality.
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Pilgrim Encounter


Renowned for its first-century synagogue and significant discoveries, such as the Magdala Stone, that attract scholars and tourists interested in its historical and biblical importance.

Historical Encounter

Duc In Altum

A sanctuary beckoning visitors to deepen their spiritual connection through prayer and reflection, it centers on Jesus' public life and encourages ecumenical dialogue.

Duc In Altum

Virtual Pilgrimage of Prayer in Jerusalem
Jerusalem is a city of prayer, recognized as one of the holiest cities in the world. Deepen your connection with God through this virtual Pilgrimage of Prayer, discovering the people, places, and ways Christians pray in Jerusalem.
Join us at the Encounter Magdala 2024 in Puebla, Mexico
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A Special Gift For Your Mother
Magdala Experience
As Mother's Day approaches, we at Magdala honor the remarkable women who have shaped our lives in profound ways. Whether it's our mothers, grandmothers, or other maternal figures, we reflect with deep gratitude on the love, care, and values they have instilled in us.
Magdala's Journal
By Magdala Team
Learn more abot Magdala's history, spirituality, and culture. Each month, you can read the Director's Monthly Letter, learn about the encounters between Jewish and Christian history, delve into archaeological findings, and more.
The Rosary From The Holy Land
By Kathleen Nichos and Fr. Eamon Kelly, L.C.
Listen to our new podcast. By repeating prayers and Scripture, we seek to be transformed by Christ, following the pattern of the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary. This contemplative prayer helps us understand Jesus as Lord and Savior.
Magdala's Volunteers
By Magdala Media Team
Explore the transformative journey of our volunteers at Magdala, each bringing a unique story and a shared purpose of service, learning, and growth. get to know their stories.

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