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The Vision Comes To Life

The Vision Comes To Life


During Phase One of Magdala’s development, the Lord also blessed Magdala with generous donors who contributed nearly $40 million (USD) to purchase and develop the land, build Duc In Altum, lay the foundation for the guesthouse and restaurant, and conduct the excavation of the archaeological site.

The historical significance and breathtaking experience of Magdala has already made it an important destination for pilgrims and tourists in the Galilee.

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Phase Two development of Magdala involves both capital improvements to the site and investments to further Magdala’s purpose, mission, and vision. The goal for Phase Two is to develop the site and services at Magdala so it can become a premier place for worldwide renewal and reconciliation in the Holy Land.

There are so many opportunities, and the outlook for the future of Magdala is truly exciting. However, Magdala’s future depends on raising the funds necessary to accomplish its mission.

Phase Two development of Magdala is already underway, and in the next few years we plan to raise funds to develop the following:

    • Guesthouse: The Magdala Guest House will offer guests 160 generously sized rooms and suites. The guesthouse will feature a lobby area, conference and meeting rooms, a pool, and fitness facility
    • Restaurant: The restaurant will be a full service buffet with seating for up to 900 inside the comfortable air-conditioned facility, on the restaurant patio, and on the restaurant rooftop. It is adjacent to the guesthouse and will provide a high quality dining experience with beautiful views of the Sea of Galilee
    • Operations: Operations include personnel, training, and purchase of durable goods
    • Public Outreach: The public outreach program will consist of telling the Magdala Story, engaging pilgrims and the public worldwide through webcasts of events, the website, social media, marketing brochures, direct mail, and public relations
    • Archaeology: The continuing discovery of the town of Magdala: includes digs, conservation, restoration, publications, and development of site for three years
    • Magdalena Institute: Seminars, retreats, presentations, and cross-cultural events. Focus will include programs based on the lives of women from the Old and New Testaments
    • Visitor Interface: Audio guide production and equipment, visitor app development and support, and guides for three years
    • Visitors’ Center: 7,346 square feet facility for reception, Magdala information, showroom, refreshments/cafeteria, memorabilia, restrooms, offices for Magdala Program and Project support staff
    • Prayer Gardens and Landscaping: Gardens for prayer and reflection and complimentary landscaping for beautification of primary foot-traffic areas
    • Pastoral Care: 8-10 priests and consecrated women per year to provide spiritual guidance for Magdala visitors for three years
    • Shuttle Service: Purchase of vans to provide Magdala guests with access to Notre Dame of Jerusalem, Ben Gurion International Airport, and other cities and sites in Israel
    • Outdoor Sea-Side Worship Center and Chapels: Magdala will provide a large Seaside Worship Center with seating for up to 500 people overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Additionally, three “Lake-Side Chapels” will be developed, each seating up to 50 people

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You have the opportunity to help visitors experience Jesus engaging people and transforming lives by making a gift to Magdala.

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Magdala (near present day Migdal) is located on the western coastline of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and at the eastern foothills of Mount Arbel. Read More

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