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Sponsorship Opportunities

Make Your Generous Contribution To Magdala


Sponsorship Opportunities

Choose From The Items Below To Create A Legacy At Magdala

A Brick in the Magdala Guesthouse $100
One Dollar a Day (Annual Gift) to support Magdala’s Outreach to Visiting Pilgrims $365
One Square Meter of Construction in Magdala’s Guesthouse $1,000
A Tree and Landscaping in the Magdala Prayer Gardens $1,000
One Square Meter of Excavation in Magdala’s Archaeological Park $1,000
Fountains of Life (Water Coolers) in the Visitor’s Center (8 available) $2,500
Personal Electronic Audio Tour Guide for Pilgrims (100 available)* $2,500
Worship Pew in Duc In Altum (78 available) $5,000
Prayer Garden and Landscaped Area Bench (40 available) $5,000
One Square Meter of Restoration of Frescoes and/or Mosaics in the Synagogue $7,500
Altar in Mosaic Chapel (3 available) $10,000
Annual Sponsorship for a Consecrated Woman to provide Outreach to Pilgrims (6 available) $10,000
Annual Sponsorship for a Priest to provide Outreach to Pilgrims (4 available) $10,000
Annual Sponsorship for a Volunteer for Magdala Service Needs (15 available) $10,000
Magdala has numerous inspiring sponsorship opportunities greater than $10,000.00. For information, please contact David Delgado at


*Can also be a gift in kind

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Magdala (near present day Migdal) is located on the western coastline of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and at the eastern foothills of Mount Arbel. Read More

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