Day 24: 2nd Commandment: Making a Name for Yourself

The beautiful facade of Petra’s Treasury, adorned with statues of the gods, reminds us of the Tower of Babel. To be freed from slavery – to get the Egypt out of us, to get the ungodliness away from us – means we can’t take the oaths we speak lightly. God, the norm of all truth, even tells us in Jesus’s own words: he is “the Truth”. This is why false promises are so dangerous to our dignity, and in turn, to God’s own dignity. We cannot ask God to witness a lie.

Your nature, like God’s, is truth. If you go against your nature this way, you go against “the Lord of all speech.” So, to be fully alive in God’s Truth, echo the words of King David: “O Lord, O Lord. How majestic is your name in all the earth.” (Psalm 8:9)

📍 The Treasury, Petra. Jordan.

✝️ Bible References: Genesis 11; Exodus 20; Deuteronomy, Isaiah 43, Matthew 5, Revelation 2 & 14

🎵 Music: The In Between | Song by Matt Maher

🎼 Instrumental music by Diego Antonio

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