Day 21: 1st Commandment: I am the Lord Who Brought You Out of Egypt

First day into the Commandments of the Lord: Am I someone who knows faith? Do I help others know it?

When we remember the miracles that God had done, we can’t forget it! The Lord doesn’t want us to lack spiritual nutrition, but rather he wants us to thrive: “I give you life, so know me. Enter into a relationship with me.” Don’t continue running and hiding as Adam and Eve did; don’t look to the gods of Egypt who are right before the people even in this poor place, this desert.

“I am the Lord. It is me”, He is telling you: Know your faith. Know the Gospel, including the 5th Gospel: the Holy Land!

📍Shrine of Hathor, Negev Desert

✝️ Bible Reference: Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5; Matthew 4

🎵 Music: The In Between | Song by Matt Maher

🎼 Instrumental music by Diego Antonio

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