Day 19: Desert Father: Abba Climacus – Ladder of Divine Assent

he Passage of the Red Sea is a foreshadowing of Baptism, just as Moses’ face-to-face relationship with God foreshadows the Incarnation of Jesus into human nature.

The New Jerusalem of the Book of Revelation shows, in the midst of the city, the tabernacle, like at Sinai. So, what is awaiting us is a return to Sinai, where God is again dwelling amidst his people.

In the meantime, take Abba Climacus thirty stepped ladder: renunciation of the world; obedience to a spiritual father; detachment; pilgrimage; obedience; penitence for true joy; repentance, death, mourning; acquiring virtues; freedom from anger, slander, lying, loss of hope, gluttony, love of money, laziness, pride, mental stagnation insensitivity, cowardice, vanity; remembering wrong; chastity; community; vigils; pure thoughts; meekness; humility; discernment; stillness; prayer; Heaven; Trinity.

📍Base of Mount Sinai, Egypt

✝️ Bible References: Exodus, Revelation

🎵 Music: The In Between | Song by Matt Maher

🎼 Instrumental music by Diego Antonio

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