Day 17:The Sound of Sheer Silence: Elijah

Elijah traveled 40 days and 40 nights, running from danger, only to hide his face in the end.

Yet the Lord wants to see our face! We are the dove in the Song of Songs: The Lord is saying, reveal yourself to me; do not hide away within yourself.

Timid, afraid? The Lord says to you: Be confident and let me see you. So “go out and meet Him on the way” (Origin). Take the opportunity during this Virtual Pilgrimage to encounter the Lord gazing at you and hearing your voice as sweetness to his ears.

📍Elijah’s Spring, Mount Sinai, Egypt

✝️ Bible Reference: 1 Kings 18, 19; Song of Songs 2; Exodus 33, Psalm 27:8,9

🎵 Music: The In Between | Song by Matt Maher

🎼 Instrumental music by Diego Antonio

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