Day 11: Testing God

Harboring a constant doubt about God, about His providence, and about His power and goodness is testing God, and it’s hardening our hearts. Instead, demonstrate your trust in God’s goodness because there’s so much good that can come from this – His power will be manifested! His love will be shown!

To win these external battles and the internal battles in our faith every day, and with the help of the community: Go, like Moses, to the mountaintop, and raise your hands in a gesture of prayer. Then the very Love of the Lord:

– Who protects and sustains the Israelites victoriously in all their battles

– Who overcomes the strength of the Israelites’ own contention: “This is terrible, this is awful, we want to go back!”

It is going to make your heart soften. Love! He never gives up. He’ll split the rock. He’ll do everything to win you over! The God of Angel Armies has only one weapon. It is neither thunder nor the sword of justice: his army is love.

God does not conquer our hearts except through his immense, excessive love: just like the water coming from the rock. The personal Love of God says to you: Forget your Egypt; know me with all your mind, your will, your memory, your heart – let me love you! Shake off the Egypt inside of you, and God will shake it off. His banner over and against you is an army of unending LOVE, who is as abundant as the depths of the sea.

📍Rephradim, Sinai Desert, Egypt

✝️ Bible Reference: Exodus 17; Song of Songs 2:4.

🎵 Music: The In Between | Song by Matt Maher

🎼 Instrumental music by Diego Antonio