Day 40: Desert Mother: Amma Mary of Egypt – Brought to the Foot of the Cross

Brought to the foot of the Cross

St Mary of Egypt challenged St. Zosimas to go deeper, further, and higher in his spiritual life and grow more in intimacy with the Lord. He wanted to be filled with the sanctity she showed him: “Show me, I pray, the angel in the flesh, of which the world is not worthy.” They became a treasure, one to the other. She died on the spot of her First Communion, having embraced the Lord whom she loved after so many years in the desert. “The life of Mary of Egypt shows how a sinner can be Deified by grace; how a human being can become an angel in the flesh; and how hope according to Christ can replace the despair that comes from the devil.”

Her deep repentance, her humility, and her transcendence to grace break her pride, and she becomes a source of inspiration. Let us pray, in her words: “Oh Lady… be my faithful witness before your Son, so that I will never again defile my body… but renounce the world and temptations and go wherever you lead me”.

📍Monastery of St. Gerasimos

🎵 Music: The In Between | Song by Matt Maher

🎼 Instrumental music by Diego Antonio

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