CROSSROADS OF JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN HISTORYLugar de encuentro de la historia Judía y Cristiana

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

  • HIC by Kathleen Nichols

    HIC by Kathleen Nichols

    Being in self-isolation here at Magdala due to the current global health crisis, is a bit like being stranded in paradise. The beauty of the Galilean spring, with life waking up in an array of colors and birdsong, contrasts sharply with what all of us here carry to prayer and adoration daily in Duc In […]

  • Letter from Fr. Juan Solana

    Letter from Fr. Juan Solana

    Dear friends, I would like my words to bring a sign of hope and consolation for each and every one of you. I must confess something which may evoke a bit of jealousy, but since the almost complete lockdown of Israel we have been enjoying the Galilee like never before. You can hear the constant […]

  • Saint Job of Magdala

    Saint Job of Magdala

    MAGDALA IN HISTORY by Fr. Cristobal Villaroig Many years before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, there was a rich and happy man named Job. One day Satan, with God´s permission, put this holy man’s faith to the test. In a few days, Job lost all his riches, his children and finally his health. Amid […]

  • An experience full of challenges and blessings!

    An experience full of challenges and blessings!

    by Nelcy Cárdenas I arrived in November to be the Resident Assistant for the volunteer house. It was a very hectic time with everyone working to get the guesthouse ready for the grand opening. At the volunteer house, as is tradition, each volunteer has a “welcome” in which they introduce themselves to the group and […]

  • Magdala in history

    Magdala in history

    Magdala & Taricheae Magdala is a word of Aramaic origin meaning, “tower,” and most probably referring to a building or structure found on site. Furthermore, Magdala appears to be a name used commonly in antiquity in the region to the point where cities with this name would also have had a “last name.” This would […]

  • Letter from Fr. Juan

    Letter from Fr. Juan

    Dear Friends, The Sea of Galilee is the remarkable stage in which Jesus chose to carry out many of his gospel teachings. The majority of them have one thing in common: Man’s capacity is limited and must turn to the power of God. We see this theme being taught clearly on the night of the […]

  • Following Jesus along the Galilee by Paola Treviño

    Following Jesus along the Galilee by Paola Treviño

    It’s been three weeks since I arrived to Magdala and I can truly say it is hard to get used to seeing the Lake of Galilee every morning, to stand on the same shores where He called his first apostles, to walk where He walked, to pray in the land where He performed so many […]

  • Letter from Fr. Juan

    Letter from Fr. Juan

    Dear Friends, Following the Magdala Guesthouse inauguration and our Christmas greeting, we find ourselves in the beginning of 2020. It may seem to be the beginning of another normal year, but for us it is not. It’s the beginning of a new phase for Magdala. Having achieved our goal of opening the guesthouse, we welcomed […]

  • Letter from Fr. Juan

    Letter from Fr. Juan

    Dear Friends of Magdala, As I write these lines, I continue to be in awe about the wonderful scenes that I witnessed during the inauguration of the Magdala guesthouse this past 24th of November. The inauguration marks an arrival to a most important destination, one which we are truly thankful to God. We are also […]

  • Fr. Juan´s words

    Fr. Juan´s words

    Dear Friends, for all of you that couldn’t be here today with us, we know you were united in prayer and perhaps through our livestream. We want to share Fr. Juan´s words during the ceremony and also a wonderful video prepared for to remember this occasion. For those of you who missed the inauguration please […]

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