CROSSROADS OF JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN HISTORYLugar de encuentro de la historia Judía y Cristiana

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

  • A Letter From Father Juan

    A Letter From Father Juan

    Dear Friends of Magdala: Please receive a warm greeting from Mexico where I am currently finishing a long stay due to a back treatment I was receiving here. To my surprise my stay here coincided with Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico who continues to surprise us with his acts of humility, profound humanity, and integrity of life. […]

  • Magdalena Institute

    Magdalena Institute

    Magdalena Institute, situated in the hometown of Mary Magdalene, derives its inspiration from her.  Through her encounter with Jesus she was healed, had her dignity restored and was commissioned by Jesus to announce the Good News.  Today she is honored as the “Apostle to the Apostles” and offers women of all walks of life a […]

  • A Letter From Fr. Juan

    A Letter From Fr. Juan

    Dear friends of Magdala, Happy New Year! It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I am writing this first newsletter of 2016. Last year flew by! It was truly in the blink of an eye that I remember being in my office in the summer and hearing of the launch of the new Magdala […]

  • Leaving Footprints At Magdala

    Leaving Footprints At Magdala

    Volunteers think they come to Magdala to have an interesting and enriching life experience in the Holy Land, but their real purpose and involvement consists of leaving their footprints at Magdala. There is something special about Magdala that makes people want to leave behind their family and friends, work, studies, and many other comforts to […]

  • Encounter of “Three Wise Men” in Magdala – Jennifer Ristine

    Encounter of “Three Wise Men” in Magdala – Jennifer Ristine

    What do a Jewish Rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Muslim archaeologist have in common?  No, this is not a set up for a joke!  They are “three wise men” who met in Magdala on January 6, the feast of the Epiphany, which celebrates the three kings who visited Jesus after his birth.  In a […]

  • 2015 Milestones At Magdala

    2015 Milestones At Magdala

    2015 was yet another significant milestone in the development of Magdala. We thank all of those who have faithfully prayed for and participated in this vision. Many amazing things happened at Magdala last year, but we wanted to capture some of the statistics for what was accomplished. The new Magdala website launched in June, 2015. […]

  • A Letter From Father Juan

    A Letter From Father Juan

    Dear Friends of Magdala, We are coming to the conclusion of 2015, the first full year of life for Magdala since its official inauguration in May of 2014. During this year we hosted more than 100,000 visitors. We are very happy and thankful to God for this. As the Christmas feasts and the New Year […]

  • The World Comes Together at Magdala

    The World Comes Together at Magdala

    In Magdala, the world comes to us and shares in the riches of Jewish and Christian history. During 2015, we have received over 72,000 visitors. Twenty three percent of the people who come to see the synagogue as well as the Duc In Altum worship center are local Jewish people. Thirty seven percent are English […]

  • Magdala’s Gospel Farm

    Magdala’s Gospel Farm

    Like a whetstone that sharpens our “Gospel-memory”, the animals at Magdala are a wonderful attraction that help remind the visitors of evangelical verses as they walk through the archaeological park. Donkeys, hens, sheep, camels, goats and a dog make up Magdala’s on-site Gospel Farm. Our Magdala volunteers have been cleaning, feeding, and befriending these animals […]

  • Beauty From Ashes

    Beauty From Ashes

    Written by Jennifer Ristine After 15 months of giving tours in Magdala, the motto “Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History” slides off my tongue without a second thought about its significance. But recently the motto came alive for me during prayer. Praying with an Old Testament love song, The Song of Songs, conjured up images […]

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