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Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

  • The Inaugural Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

    The Inaugural Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

    Christians Assemble At Magdala To Celebrate The Inaugural Feast Day Of Mary Magdalene. More than 300 Christians gathered for the very first Feast Day of Mary Magdalene in her hometown of Magdala. The event on July 23 was the first celebration of this Feast Day, declared by Pope Francis just 6 weeks ago. It honors […]

  • A Letter From Fr. Juan

    A Letter From Fr. Juan

    Dear Friends of Magdala, Our project continues to grow not just in the physical and material construction of the campus (as you will see from the photographs) — but through God´s own providence, Magdala is growing in his message and spirituality, as well. In this newsletter you will see that Magdala has been filled with […]

  • The Magdala Prayer Family

    The Magdala Prayer Family

    A prayer box full of intentions and a common movement of the Holy Spirit among the Magdala staff and many visitors prompted the birth of a world-wide “Upper Room” called the Magdala Prayer Family. Individuals, prayer groups, friends and pilgrims who have come to Magdala are offering their time and prayers for the progress of […]

  • My Privilege…

    My Privilege…

    By Rachel Leach It’s 5:30 am. I have just dragged myself into a rickety VW van with 8 other half-asleep volunteers on our way to Magdala to dig at the archaeological excavation. It’s already about 85 degrees. In 30 minutes I will be toting my buckets, pick, trowel, broom, and dustpan into the 2-meter by […]

  • Love Without Limits: A Father Named Jairus

    Love Without Limits: A Father Named Jairus

    By Christiane Esser My father was my world; he was there for me whenever I needed him. Every evening I would wait for him to get home from work — I couldn’t fall asleep before he arrived home and gave me a kiss good night. My father worked long and hard, and I knew it […]

  • A Letter From Fr. Juan

    A Letter From Fr. Juan

    Dear friends of Magdala: During this month of May many countries celebrate Mother´s Day. Over the past few days I have had the pleasure to greet and congratulate many moms — thanking them for: giving the gift of life to their children, maintaining the unity of their families, educating their children, and building society with […]

  • The Dignity of the Human Creation

    The Dignity of the Human Creation

    A seed has been planted as the Magdalena Institute begins to take shape. As we welcome and witness the experiences of those who have visited Magdala, we pause to reflect on the importance of promoting the dignity of both men and women. As visitors enter the Duc In Altum worship center, they marvel at the […]

  • Mary In Magdala

    Mary In Magdala

    May the month of Mothers! Mothers are very present in the Women’s Atrium of Duc In Altum at Magdala. They are remembered in the figures of Salome, Mary of Cleopas, the mother-in-law of Peter, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the countless mothers who have traced their names (with their fingers) on the column dedicated […]

  • Magdalena Institute presented Women of Influence: Hope for Humanity

    Magdalena Institute presented Women of Influence: Hope for Humanity

    Throughout history women have been catalysts for positive change.  Magdalena Institute held its second annual Women’s Symposium on March 10 in order to recognize this reality, inspiring and encouraging other women to reflect on the power of their “feminine genius’, which she shares with the world when she lovingly gives of herself. Approximately 90 women […]

  • A Letter From Fr. Juan

    A Letter From Fr. Juan

    Six inches under. That was the distance between where we had been walking and where we found the 2,200 year old bronze shovel under our feet in February. It is also the figurative distance that marks the beginning of the “Magdala experience” and where the Holy Spirit touches the hearts of the thousands of pilgrims […]

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