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Core Culture

The core culture around which Magdala operates

As part of the Magdala plan, guiding principles were established to provide clear understanding and consistent focus. These principles provide an inside look at the objectives and depth of commitment of the leadership at Magdala.



Our Core Vision is to become a premier catalyst for worldwide renewal and reconciliation.


Our Core Mission is to offer a first century Galilee experience in a welcoming, twenty-first century environment.


Our Core Purpose is to highlight the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of Magdala – revealing how Jesus engages people and transforms lives.



We place our complete trust in God with whom all things are possible (FAITH); we provide a safe and welcoming environment for people of all faiths, denominations, backgrounds, and cultures to visit, stay, learn, and grow (RESPECT); we maintain a spirit of humility and helpfulness to all who come to visit (SERVANT LEADERSHIP); and we steward resources effectively while working in collaboration with individuals from various locations, backgrounds, and faith communities (PARTNERSHIP).


Cultural Impact

Core Culture

  • Open the ancient ruins of Magdala for visitors and spiritual reflection
  • Hold seminars and conferences about the site and its historical and religious importance, as well as other topics of similar importance
  • Preserve the beauty and sanctity of the place due to its historical significance
  • Reinforce the significance and dignity of women through The Magdalena Institute
  • Provide an environment where youth can meet and interact


Pastoral and Spiritual Impact

  • Foster interfaith dialogue among the three monotheistic religions of the Holy Land, as well as dialogue between the diverse Christian denominations
  • Offer new opportunities to hear the Word and preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Provide places for public worship such as the “Duc In Altum” Spiritual Center
  • Provide staff and opportunities for reconciliation ministry
  • Offer spiritual renewal courses for Bishops, Priests, Seminarians, religious and lay people
  • Provide special programs for young people


Social Impact

  • Provide job opportunities
  • Offer a good standard and affordable hospitality to pilgrims
  • Serve the local community
  • Provide meeting opportunities on various levels
  • Increase economic activity in the area to help foster the peace process and social understanding
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Operating Hours
All year: Monday - Sunday 08:00 – 18:00

Magdala (near present day Migdal) is located on the western coastline of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and at the eastern foothills of Mount Arbel. Read More

Migdal Junction, P.O. Box 366, 1495000 Migdal, Israel

+972 4 620 9900

Volunteer guided tours: or call 053-226-1469

Mass or Prayer service reservations: or call 053-444-6406

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