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Letter from Fr. Juan Solana

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Letter from Fr. Juan Solana

Letter from Fr. Juan Solana

Dear friends,
I would like my words to bring a sign of hope and consolation for each and every one of you.

I must confess something which may evoke a bit of jealousy, but since the almost complete lockdown of Israel we have been enjoying the Galilee like never before. You can hear the constant singing of birds, smell the spring flowers which have inundated the fields of color, and yesterday, while I celebrated mass at the sea shore I could hear fish fluttering in the sea. I come to realize that we may be in fact enjoying the Galilee just as Jesus did in his time.

Nothing would make me gladder than to know that these words are like a comforting balm for you in these moments, and to know that Jesus teaching´s -as He preached them from his lips and from his hands- reach you as the bloom of a first love.

Today, I would like to appeal to your love. In midst of all the hardships and difficulties that many are experiencing, and with the shock that COVID-19 has brought to the world, I would like for us to launch something much more contagious than this virus… A campaign of love, solidarity, and compassion.

Yes! Let us spread across the world these acts which have the power to transcend our current situation and which can help to rebuild our families, businesses, and the church. In this time our world needs many helping hands, but it needs many more burning hearts filled with the Love of God and love for our neighbors.

Magdala speaks to us of redemption, healing, mercy and of renewal. We can imagine Jesus gaze over humble Mary Magdalene who was suffering from seven demons. Not to condemn her, but to love her deeply, to reach out to her and to heal her soul and body, and make her a new woman. Completely new.

So, with this, let us launch out and flood the world with contagious acts of goodwill and hope. St. Paul would exclaim, “What will separate us from the Love of God in Jesus Christ?”
This current virus will not separate us from the Love of God in Jesus, on the contrary, it will only deepen it further in our hearts, to share with everyone we meet or encounter during these circumstances. We must remember if someone becomes ill, or if someone passes away, they will forever enjoy, for all eternity, the love of God in Jesus Christ.

More united than ever, be sure of our constant prayers for each and every one of you, for your intentions and for your families.

Fraternally yours,

Fr. Juan Maria Solana, LC

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