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Following Jesus along the Galilee by Paola Treviño

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Following Jesus along the Galilee by Paola Treviño

Following Jesus along the Galilee by Paola Treviño

It’s been three weeks since I arrived to Magdala and I can truly say it is hard to get used to seeing the Lake of Galilee every morning, to stand on the same shores where He called his first apostles, to walk where He walked, to pray in the land where He performed so many miracles, where he expelled seven demons from Mary Magdalene, and where he elevated the dignity of women. My heart is filled and my mind is bursting with so many ideas, initiatives and projects to be done.

I, pause and breathe, and when I touch reality again, I am still me: Paola, small, energetic, impatient and full of imperfections… I see the lake again and I can´t stop listening to His words, “let down your nets for a catch.” He calls me and invites me to leave everything behind, to follow him, to leave my comfort zone and launch into the deep into the most profound part of His heart. Today, as 24 years ago, I again leave Him my boat -even though its small and full of holes- and my heart so that through it He can preach His love.

Magdala is a place of encounter and renewal and reconciliation. I´m blessed to have been called and invited by Him to form part of this great team who help welcome so many visitors and pilgrims to this special site where one can feel God´s presence and have an encounter with Him. It´s incredible to see how spending a day here can renew one´s faith, help reconcile one´s own struggles and bring about an encounter of warmth and love from Him.

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Magdala (near present day Migdal) is located on the western coastline of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and at the eastern foothills of Mount Arbel. Read More

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