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Magdala & Mary: Message & Mission by Dolores Carroll

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Magdala & Mary: Message & Mission by Dolores Carroll

Magdala & Mary: Message & Mission by Dolores Carroll

This is a poem written by an Australian after her visit to Magdala. When she sent it to us, we felt the necessity to share it with all of you… it captures some aspects of Magdala in a beautiful way…

Magdala, you have been discovered,
Under the earth, a synagogue uncovered
Dating back 2000 years ago,
That Jesus was here, one can be fairly sure.

Situated near the highway, at main crossroads,
Centre of trade and trading by the loads,
Conspicuous, no one can pass you by,
The gleaming Sea of Galilee, catches the eye.

Mary, one person, who connects with this town,
Healed by Jesus, her life is turned around,
Experiencing the good news, she follows Him
To Jerusalem, to Golgotha, to His ‘end’.

But the “end” is only the beginning
Of a New Life, and new meaning
That she encounters at the empty tomb.
The Resurrected Christ has overcome all gloom!

Mary, what does this mean for you?
Does it seem like a dream? Is this true?
Questions in your heart, as you try to make sense
You reach out to “cling to” the Divine Presence.

Jesus invites you to rise above
The limits of sense and surrender to love.
“Go and tell” – you have a message and mission
To the friends of Jesus that: “Christ is risen!”

In this beginning is an “end.”
The “message and mission” of every friend
Of Christ, as long as one lives,
To be like Christ who loves and forgives.

“Love one another as I have loved you.” (Jn 15:12)
Down the ages Christ’s message continues.
May I also be open to that “life-giving” encounter
Of Christ’s love for me, creation and others.

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