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A Time of Wonderful Experiences. By Luisa de la Selva

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

A Time of Wonderful Experiences. By Luisa de la Selva

A Time of Wonderful Experiences. By Luisa de la Selva

There are experiences in your life which change you. For me, Magdala was one of these. When I returned to Mexico after my volunteering, my friends and family asked me about my experience. I always felt short on words or found myself unable to explain exactly what I felt and enjoyed. What I can say is that Magdala is a place where one feels profound happiness and where one can truly feel God’s presence in all that occurs and in all that one does.

Before arriving to Magdala I loved God, but I was far from Him. In Magdala, in all possible ways and through every possible means I felt that he was calling me, saying, “come back to me.” In Magdala, I lived one of the most incredible moments of my life: my first communion. It was on that day that I was truly able to experiment the love of God through those around me. All the volunteers and staff of Magdala were willing to help me without expecting anything in return. They were all rejoicing for this wonderful step in my life which I was taking, I saw their excitement, for that which I was experiencing, and they transmitted a true selfless love which touched me profoundly. There was not one single person not willing to help me, from the moment I began to prepare to receive the sacrament of communion to the organization of our celebration dinner after the event. Each detail, moment, and act which every single person did for me through this process and renewal was something remarkably wonderful.

After receiving my first communion, I continued to receive blessings in my life. Father Juan, offered to celebrate my confirmation and with the help of Ms. Celine Kelly, consecrated of Regnum Christi, and my godfather Aldo, I continued to prepare myself for this momentous second step in my faith journey. The experience of the confirmation of my faith was truly joyful.

Magdala left me with many gifts. At work for example I learned to understand and work alongside many people from different countries, cultures and religions. I learned to live in community and to give the best of me to serve others. It was in Magdala in which I met and experienced God through each individual I encountered, and thanks to my Magdala family, I learned of the magnanimous love that He has for me.

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