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Mary Magdalene Insights from Ancient Magdala

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Mary Magdalene Insights from Ancient Magdala

Mary Magdalene Insights from Ancient Magdala

JENNIFER RISTINE, Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, Author & Speaker

Having spent four years serving in Ancient Magdala, in the Holy Land, Jennifer Ristine will offer insights into this fascinating saint through the lens of archaeology, culture & geography, sacred scripture, historical texts, and spiritual theology. She will invite you to make use of your gospel imagination by entering into her life-transforming encounter with Jesus and relating it to your own ongoing conversion and deepening discipleship. She is the author of Mary Magdalene: Insights from Ancient Magdala.


Presentation Modalities:

  • Day long Retreats or Conferences (Typically 9am to 3pm, includes 3 conferences/talks, and reflection questions for the retreat)
  • Hour long Spiritual talks or conferences (schedule 1.5 hours for introduction and Q & A)


Choose a Cultural or Spiritual Focus:

  1. Cultural focus: This presentation will offer a more academic conference style approach, offering insights into Mary Magdalene’s person based on a panoramic view of Ancient Magdala’s archaeology, history, and geography, scriptural commentary, and historical tradition. It will address some of the ensuing debates about who she is, the origin of her seven demons, her life-transforming encounter with Christ, and her missionary zeal as the Apostle to the Apostles.
  2. Spiritual focus: This presentation, while reflecting on the cultural context of Mary Magdalene’s time period and the hometown, will delve into the interior spiritual experience of Mary Magdalene’s call to conversion, her time of accompanying Jesus, and her experience of being sent out as a missionary disciple. Grounded in the classical theological model of spiritual maturity it offers a glimpse into the progressive call of ongoing conversion and deeper discipleship to which we are all called.


Recommended stipend or free will donation:

  • Hour conference: $150
  • Day conference or retreat: $500
  • Transportation and lodging costs must be covered by the host

Books can be available for individual purchase by the attendees through the author or the host may purchase in bulk for their own fundraiser at

Presentations are accompanied by visual images. A projector and screen are requested.


Sample Retreat Schedule 9:00-3:00pm

8:45 Registration/Sign-in

9:00 Welcome, Introduction, Retreat Overview & Dynamics

9:15 First conference: The Call to Conversion

10:00 Personal Prayer Time & Questionnaire*

10:30 Second Conference: The Call to Accompany Jesus

11:00 Personal Prayer Time & Questionnaire*

11:30 Eucharistic Celebration

12:15 Lunch

1:30 Third Conference: The Call to Mission

2:00 Personal Prayer Time & Personal Questionnaire

2:30 Optional: Q & A with the speaker, personal sharing of spiritual lights, or begin exposition & adoration at 2:00pm with a closing prayer and benediction at 2:50.

3:00 Depart

*Priests available for confession if possible

For more information or to arrange an event, contact Jennifer Ristine


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