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Letter from Father Juan

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Letter from Father Juan

Letter from Father Juan

Dear friends of Magdala,

We continue to welcome many pilgrims to Magdala! In the past few weeks, thanks be to God, almost a thousand pilgrims a day visit here. Often, they compliment Duc In Altum, the Archaeological Park, the Encounter Chapel and much more. Buildings are important but Magdala’s message is not in the stones: it is in the people.

After being healed, Mary Magdalene followed Jesus along His ministry and on the morning of the Resurrection received from Him the missionary mandate: “Go and tell them” (John 20:17). Our volunteers follow this same mandate, just as Mary Magdalene listened to Jesus’ voice and decided to come here to “tell them.” When pilgrims visit us it is true that they remain amazed by the buildings, but even more so they are amazed by the testimony of the volunteers. They are the ones who make a difference in Magdala.

The construction of the Guesthouse continues, and even if we don’t know yet exactly when we will be able to receive the first group, we are getting ready. We are not only getting the buildings prepared, but also a group of people that will welcome the pilgrims with a spirit of service and real charity, following the example of Mary Magdalene and many other holy women throughout history that have shown Jesus’ love in their lives.

I am indeed anxious to have the exact date set for the inauguration, but God again is asking us to trust Him. As the psalm says: “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act” (Psalm 37:5). Amen.

With my warmest greetings from Magdala,

Fr. Juan María Solana, L.C.



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