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Make the Difference

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Make the Difference

Make the Difference

Dear friends of Magdala,

Every year, as it is tradition, we reflect on the passing year. We review our actions, we think about our achievements, we try to put aside our bad memories, promise to improve, but most importantly, we wonder into the future to figure out what we want to write on our “Goal board” to accomplish this coming year.

This year it’s different. For so long we have talked about finishing the Guest House, for so long we have imagined what it will be like to have a full house… full of people searching for that encounter that will transform their lives, full of people, smiling, staring at the lake where Jesus himself walked, full of people curious to find out more about that woman whose life was changed by God´s grace, full of people walking among the very stones that witnessed, first-hand, the miracles written in the Gospel.

And now, in what we hope will be this year we will finally get to write down on our goal board, “open Magdala´s Guest House.”

We have planned. We have imagined. We have witnessed many creative miracles. We are now watching our dream become a reality stone by stone, tile by tile. We are working hard to move ahead, but we still need your help to achieve this goal.

***                                                    Help Us Continue Our Work                                                    ***

As we look at this year`s “Goal board” we can´t help but look back on every moment that has led us to the beginning of this year; God´s hand, every pilgrim, every donor, every wonderful volunteer, every prayer, every demonstration of love and support and every action that has helped us to bring this vision to life. Now, we stand before the almost complete structure with gratitude, with excitement, with faith.

This year it’s going to be different, we are almost there, we want you to make the difference, we want to share it with you, add your piece, make the difference, and Help us Bring the Vision to Life!

With our most esteemed gratitude,

– Fr. Juan Maria Solana, L.C. & the Magdala Staff


 We are a few months away from opening the first part of our guesthouse and we need all your support, and prayers.

The Magdala guesthouse is set to be the centre for its programming and ministry work. Your donation today helps us bring this vision to life!

***                                                  Get Involved and Donate Now                                                  ***

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