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Letter from Father Juan

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Letter from Father Juan

Letter from Father Juan

Dear friends of Magdala:

The inauguration day of the Magdala Guesthouse for pilgrims approaches.

Day by day my longing to see this project completed increases, to be able to carry out the programs that we plan to develop. As I have said many times: Magdala will be the platform to carry out many programs: educational, motivational, youth, couples, priests, for anyone who wants to experience this wonderful place and approach the mystery of God through history, archaeology and encountering people from all over the world…

In this newsletter we want to make a clear and concrete proposal: please purchase a canvas of the painting “Encounter” by Daniel Cariola and help us finish this project. Give it to others, receive the deep inspiration that created it, and help us complete this part of the Magdala project.

Above all, in North America this is a period of generosity, of planning your donations at the end of the year, Thanksgiving Day, etc. I ask for your generosity to support the Holy Land through Magdala.

I send you a most affectionate greeting and my blessing,

Fr. Juan María Solana, L.C.



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Magdala (near present day Migdal) is located on the western coastline of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and at the eastern foothills of Mount Arbel. Read More

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