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Letter from Father Juan

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Letter from Father Juan

Letter from Father Juan

Dear friends,

Recently a dear friend of mine visited Magdala and experienced an encounter with the grace of inner freedom.

She was tied to her past and Mary Magdalene showed her internally that she could free herself to follow Jesus.

We have now celebrated the feast of the Resurrection. Interestingly this year we had a coincidence of dates with the celebration of Easter for the Latin rite Catholics and also for those of the Eastern rites. Moreover our Jewish brothers celebrated the Passover at the same time.

This is a feast of interior freedom and true liberation for all of us; a freedom that helps bring us closer to God and separates us from ourselves, and gives us the freedom to love, give, serve, even be heroic. It is the example of Jesus and Mary in the days of Easter. It is that example of Mary Magdalene that a few years ago Pope Benedict XVI mentioned in a Easter homily as a new Eve. It is not in vain that Jesus Resurrected calls her “woman.” Mary Magdalene on the day of the Resurrection renews, in the level of a renovated nature by Christ, the true woman, that which God dreamed and that which He presents to us now as a model which brings us the joyous news of the Resurrection.

We continue with our work in Magdala for we have now put an opening date on the Magdala guesthouse: February 2018. We are excited as we are beginning to receive our first reservations!

We ask for your continued prayers and support to help us bring this vision to life and help us serve and fulfill God´s plans for Magdala, Hometown of Mary Magdalene.

Many Blessings and Happy Easter,

Fr. Juan María Solana, LC



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