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Latest Excitement At Magdala

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Latest Excitement At Magdala

Latest Excitement At Magdala

May 28, 2015 

What brings people to Magdala? The fame of Mary Magdalene? The best preserved first century synagogue in Israel? The oldest sculpted menorah found in a synagogue? The natural spring purification baths? The newest worship center on the shores of Galilee?

Many people visit because they have heard Magdala is a ‘must see’ in the Holy Land.

We consider ourselves very blessed to serve a multitude of people from all over the world and we continue to see God’s providence at work in daily life at Magdala.

Here are the highlights at Magdala during the last five months:

THE MAGDALENA INSTITUTE: No building exists – but the seed for this program was planted in our first symposium on International Women’s Day on March 9. Approximately sixty women joined us for a day of reflections and awareness on women’s dignity.

THE SUMMER DIG: Head archaeologist from Anahuac University, Marcela Zapata, arrived May 24th to prepare for two months intense excavations. Approximately forty volunteers, both local and international, will participate in the dig.

VOLUNTEERS MAKE MAGDALA POSSIBLE: Since the New Year, we have welcomed over thirty volunteers from Peru, Chile, Singapore, Luxembourg, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Israel, United Kingdom, Columbia, Italy, and the United States. They are the hands and the heart of Magdala … whether on site or back home. Their welcoming disposition in Magdala makes a difference for every person that enters Magdala. And back in their homes they become spokespersons of the Magdala experience.

ANNIVERSARY OF DUC IN ALTUM: May 28th marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Duc In Altum, the newest place for prayer and ministry in the Holy Land. Pilgrims and tourists alike enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the art and architecture that bring alive the gospel scenes near the shores of Galilee.

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS AGAIN! After significant architectural revisions for the Magdala Guesthouse, tractors will begin to roll in again in late June with the goal of advancing the construction of the guesthouse, soon to house up to three hundred guests.

Magdala is truly a special place that is the crossroads of Jewish and Christian history. As we follow God’s leading, it is destined to become a catalyst for worldwide renewal and reconciliation.

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