CROSSROADS OF JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN HISTORYLugar de encuentro de la historia Judía y Cristiana

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

  • Women of Influence: Hope for Humanity

    Women of Influence: Hope for Humanity

    There is a place in which women are highlighted. It is a place where she shines, she is transformed and her hope is renewed. It is a place where history teaches us about her value and her dignity. And we learn that the phrase “I’m a woman” is not just a privilege, but a blessing… […]

  • Letter from Father Juan

    Letter from Father Juan

    My dear friends, I just came back from Mexico, where, on January 30th we had the presentation of the book “The Magdala Project” with the participation of the author Jesús García, Marcela Zapata, coordinator of the archeological project and myself. We are very grateful for the presence of so many friends and benefactors, as well […]

  • Jack’s Prayer

    Jack’s Prayer

    Jack’s Prayer Every week I pull out handfuls of prayer intention cards left by our visitors.  I’m always impressed with how many people ask for prayers – sometimes there seems to be no end to the cards or the deciphering of languages and handwriting!  Recently I found this card among many others… My heart melted […]

  • A Testimonial of Service and Love

    A Testimonial of Service and Love

    Juliana Martin, June 2016 – February 2017. Mexico I came to Magdala with an open mind, ready for an experience that I knew I would enjoy. Magdala surpassed all of my expectations. At the beginning it was hard – I knew I was coming to work, but I didn’t know that Magdala would be so […]

  • Letter from Father Juan

    Letter from Father Juan

    Dear Friends: I cannot start this letter for the New Year, 2017, without looking back and thanking God and each and every one of you for 2016, a year in which we had very important accomplishments. Thank you for the generosity of so many friends that have participated as volunteers in the project. Thanks to […]

  • Best of Magdala 2016

    Best of Magdala 2016

    Dear friends of Magdala, As 2017 begins we wanted to show you some of the highlights that our team captured in Magdala. Come join us this year and experience Magdala yourselves! Also, we invite you to share or send us your favorites via email, Facebook or Instagram! Wishing you a great 2017! -The Magdala Team

  • Visitors in 2016

    Visitors in 2016

    Dear friends of Magdala, Your help is very valuable to us! Thank you for your prayers, donations and visits! Something is happening in Magdala every day and we wanted to share with you exactly who is coming to the site and where they are visiting us from! We are slowly growing and your support helps […]

  • Lessons From Sheep

    Lessons From Sheep

    By Rachel Leach I sat across the table from Fr. Juan at his birthday party in 2013 and said something very risky: “Father, for your birthday can you give me a present?” After his inquisitive look I explained: “The Bible says a lot about sheep and the ‘Good Shepherd,’ and I want to live with […]

  • Set Me Free & Raise Me Up!

    Set Me Free & Raise Me Up!

    Reflections of a Pilgrim By Jennifer Ristine As the Coordinator for the Magdala Visitors Center and the Director of Magdalena Institute, I meet thousands of people every year.  One simple lesson I have learned is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”  One day I saw what to me looked like a joyful young and […]

  • Letter From Father Juan

    Letter From Father Juan

    Dear Friends, I would like to share with you one of the first “insider” experiences I had with Magdala. When I visited Magdala for the first time it was the site of the abandoned “Hawaii Beach” resort. Yet, as I was standing there, I was fascinated. It seemed to me the ideal site to implement […]

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