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How Magdala has touched lives

“My favorite part was being of service to pilgrims and local visitors. I enjoyed guiding tours in the Duc In Altum and helping others have an encounter with God. Seeing the reaction of the women after introducing them to their column was awesome. I wasn´t expecting a trip to Bethany, Akko, the multimedia center in Nazareth – all places I’d never been. Even more than that, I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the women’s retreat at the Mount of Beatitudes. Though cleaning the restrooms and mopping the floors weren’t my favorite things to do, I was happy to do these tasks because they contributed to a positive and memorable Magdala experience. Overall, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to serve in the Holy Land. Knowing that my service helped to make someone’s day is such a great and satisfying feeling.” – Jennifer Rodriguez- California, USA


“Every day at Magdala was time well spent. Even on quiet days with very few visitors, it was an opportunity to get to know the people I worked with. I learned from them and hope that I was a blessing in my very short time at Magdala. I am leaving with a lot of mixed emotions, but grateful that I had the opportunity. I hope to be back in the future.” – Celizma Lotz- South Africa


“I just visited the archeological site here in the Holy Land and it’s just an absolutely fascinating experience, we just visited the first century synagogue which is an amazing discovery. There are very few sites that can be dated from the synagogue from this period and the time of Jesus – so I strongly recommend anybody to come out here and see it.” – Michael- NH


“While visiting the Galilee area last week, my husband and I happened upon the Magdala excavation site….We visited one morning and were kindly welcomed by a wonderful gentleman who showed us around and explained the vision of Magdala. While at the excavation site, I had a very moving experience.” – Corinne, Schaumburg IL


“I have volunteered here for 3 years, and this really is a unique place… it’s the place where Jewish history and Christian history come together. We hope lots of visitors will come to enjoy the place and the tranquility and beautiful weather that we often get here.” – Mike– Israel


“My friend Michelle just returned from a wonderful trip to the Holy Land. She was telling others that the highlight of the trip for her was visiting MAGDALA! During our pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2008 we were so blessed to hear about your vision and plans for the site, and to hear today from a dear friend how she was so blessed to be there and experience this dream become reality.” – Barb, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“I think the site is spectacular, it’s a wonderful uncovering of history. I believe Jesus was here…” – Linda– CO


“I would like to express my deep feelings towards the unusual event of the inauguration of the archaeological park and the new spiritual center at Migdal-Magdala which took place on May 28….This is a place of peace, friendship, love, research, tolerance and generosity. All these were the components of this event. You and your staff did an unusual job in uncovering, preserving, developing and building the site from the ancient remains to the modern and beautiful spiritual center… I am proud to be an archaeologist and an Israeli and to have a chance to be near this project!” – Dr. Mordechai, Institute for Galilean Archaeology


“I just finished touring the Magdala site, and the synagogue where Jesus might have been to teach is so incredible. It is almost life changing for me to think that I was right there where He was. So come to Magdala because it is an amazing archaeological dig!” – Marsha– CA


“With some groups we have taken time to linger in the church and to allow them to worship and reflect. As a result we’ve seen the Holy Spirit touch some people with profound healing. Last week a family who had suffered a trauma when their aspiring pilot son was in a car wreck. The fact that he was alive, was a miracle and the parents compared his survival with resurrection. But here Dylan was – four years later – walking the terrain of Magdala with his mom and dad. In the chapel of Talitha we spoke a little bit about the expression “apple of His eye” which refers the protective love of God for His children… The flood gates of heaven opened and tears just flowed and flowed. For about an hour the Lord Jesus washed their hearts from the pain and when they walked out, their faces were radiant because they had had an encounter with Him.” – Anonymous, South Africa


“We need to give support to Magdala because it is our gathering place. It is a place where all Catholics/Christians can come and take part in the history and foundation of our faith, learning about Christ in a personal, vivid way through the places where the Gospel was lived. We owe it to ourselves and to our fellow Christians to support Magdala. It will have lifelong effects on us and how we live our faith.” – Sonali, New York


Testimonials“By giving this donation to Magdala, I am contributing to its spiritual work of saving souls and spreading the Gospel message, which was Jesus’ last command to us before he ascended to Heaven. This center will be a wonderful place to exhibit Jesus’ teachings in the very land where he walked and preached. I know that my pilgrimage to the Holy Land changed the way I prayed and read the Gospel.” – Pia, New York


“I am touched by the small donation I made because I feel I am contributing to a project that will save souls. I recently visited the Holy Land, and the experience was life changing for me. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to go as not many people can.” – Mario, New York


“ I believe it is by far one of the most important sites to visit in all of the Galilee. To be able to stand just outside the 1st Century synagogue, and KNOW that Yeshua was there countless times praying and reading from the Holy Scriptures with the scrolls sitting on the “Torah Seat” is especially moving. So many of my guests have said just that. Also, to stand outside of the “living room” of who was most likely the governmental leader of the Town of Magdala, and could see in one’s spirit, Yeshua reclining and sharing His Father and the Word and of Himself with him, has no words, just again the sense one feels in their spirit of what took place in such an important city of the First Century. WOW. And finally, the Worship Center is indeed a PERFECT PLACE for people to do just that, WORSHIP, again is very moving.” – Y. M., Israel

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