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August Testimony

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

August Testimony

August Testimony

Now it is really time to say goodbye to Magdala. Tomorrow we continue our journey to Jerusalem. I can’t leave without sharing something, because everything Magdala has meant to me is impossible to write.

We came following a voice that said, “Come and see,” and of course we have seen. Magdala surpasses all expectations. Magdala is a place of grace where the Lord is present.

The Lord has been a constant presence. In Magdala I have been able to feel Him passing through the Lake and has stood before me with tenderness, with delicacy and whispering, “Come and follow me … lunge into the deep … do not fear I am with you …” To be a witness of Magdala is to say that Magdala is encounter, joy, silence, presence.

Thank you all for your hospitality. Thanks to Father Kelly for introducing us to this experience, the first words, the Eucharist. Thanks to Father Timothy for showing us a living Jesus in every place we visited, for every word that has made us feel the presence of God in our life, especially for that boat ride where the grace of God was poured in a special way. Thanks to Rachel and Carlos for their total attention and thanks to all the volunteers for welcoming and loving us.

A hug to everyone until the next time. If they allow us, we’ll be back.

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