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Seeking Answers to Questions about the Past

Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

Seeking Answers to Questions about the Past

Seeking Answers to Questions about the Past

Among earth, dust and stones little by little the work of archaeologists and volunteers begins to give results: the discovery of Magdala. It is not only a matter of leaving behind the walls of an ancient city, but of understanding the people who lived there, their daily activities, customs, religion, etc.

This summer the seventh season of excavation began, and with it a new opportunity to recover evidence that helps to understand the day to day at Magdala. Through archeology,  the material remains (ceramics, glass, metals, bones, evidence of activities) are rescued. After being documented and studied, they give answers about the past.

Walking through Magdala it is inevitable to think about that past and wonder, What would the ruins tell us? Is it true what is said about them? According to sources it is a city that witnessed ancient Judaism and the beginnings of Christianity, it is the city of Mary Magdalene and a place in which Jesus probably walked. This is the moment in which, through archeology, we seek to answer the questions of the past of both religions, we try to verify with evidence the life of our ancestors. Is it true what the Bible says about Magdala and the cities of Galilee? Can it be proved?

Science and Faith are not opposed and archeology is a good proof of this, for years the Bible studies have been supported by the evidence of archaeological excavations in the region. This time Magdala is part of these excavations that can give scientific answers to many of the historical questions of the Bible, the origins of both religions.

In two weeks of excavation more than 50 coins have been discovered, a complete ceramic jar, bronze objects, limestone vases and two fragmented ceramic pots. Volunteers who have worked for days and hours can not contain the joy of finding an object thousands of years old, with their work they leave a mark on history. What awaits us in the next four weeks of excavation? How many more questions will arise?

Every season of excavation, every discovery and every new study is evidence, it is a search for answers about the past. For years volunteers, academics and donors of different nationalities have been part of these discoveries and anyone can help and be part of the pursuit of the past in Magdala.

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